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If you need to find out who the source or the owner of a cell phone number is, then the powerful strategy described below is sure to help you.

Before we get started however, you need to understand that the techniques described here may not be applicable to every situation. There are also some serious ethical and legal issues to take into consideration as well (more details are covered below).

Here is how you can conduct a reverse cell phone trace for free, and on your own:

To begin with, call the phone number you're researching in order to obtain the information, just like a professional detective.

Here are a few examples of how you can accomplish this:

1. Pretend You're Trying to Call Someone Else

Pretend that you're attempting to reach a friend -- in this example, we'll say we're looking for Steve. When someone answers the call, ask for Steve. When they say, "You have the wrong number," or "Steve who," reply back with "Steve Smith -- who's number is this?"

What you're trying to do is induce the person to disclose some of their information without even thinking about it.

* Note: Do not call from your own phone number. Furthermore, do not call from a blocked phone number (you probably won't get an answer). Instead, dial the number from a pay phone or other public place such as a hotel, coffee shop, or library.

2. Use a "Pretext"

"Pretexting" is a disguise used by detectives, investigators, and other agents to pretend to be someone or something that they're not. One example of a pretext disguise is a narcotics officer pretending to be a drug user.

For instance, in order to uncover information about a particular cell phone number, you can dial the number while pretending to be from an agency or company that keeps track of client account details or customer address information -- such as a bank or a car insurance company. Choose a company that the caller would almost certainly be using in some capacity. Most people drive a car, so a state or provincial car insurance company would qualify as a believable pretext source.

You could start by saying something like, "Hello, this is Joe Smith calling from ABC Insurance. We've had some mail returned from your account and we'd like to confirm the name and address we have on file for you."

Or something similar to that.

IMPORTANT Disclaimer: "Pretexting" is a highly controversial investigation method. In many cases, pretending to falsely be someone or something is fraudulent and illegal. This article and website does NOT recommend using this technique. It merely serves as an educational tool to explain what can be done to obtain information, and what others do to uncover hard-to-find information. We fullly recommend consulting with an attorney before engaging in any kind of controversial activity or "pretexting" so that you have a clear understanding of what you can and cannot legally do.

Be aware that the legal consequences of fraud are extremely serious.

3. Just Ask

That's right, just ask! This suggestion is obviously the simplest, but often overlooked.

Depending on your exact circumstances, you may achieve great results just by calling the number and asking who the person is. It's probably worth a try.

And there you have a sneak-peek into the world of professional investigations, and some of the advanced detective strategies they use.

However, if these techniques do not turn out to be effective -- or if you need to be as discreet as possible -- then it's well worth the small investment that will give you full access to our premium cell phone records database, along with unlimited searches. It contains data on almost all cell phone numbers, and the results are absolutely guaranteed by our provider.

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