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 Buying Cell Phone Records

If you're looking to buy cell phone records in order to:

* Determine the owner name or source of a phone number
* Lookup the exact location of the caller
* Investigate the address history, carrier or other details about the phone number itself
* Or some other details regarding the cell phone number and/or the registered user

Then you need to be aware of the facts regarding cell phone records, how they're obtained (if at all), and where to obtain them.

First, I'd recommend that you read our related article, How to Get Cell Phone Records for a more comprehensive understanding of the issue.

Moving on: It is practically impossible to obtain cell phone records or actual account information (or statements) from any location on the internet, period. The only exception to the rule would be if you were somehow able to access law enforcement databases, which are protected and secure, or if you were investigating your own records, and had legitimate access (login, password) to the wireless company which provided your account either currently or in the past.

It is only possible to acquire "records" (data, actually) that includes the following details about a given cell phone or unlisted number:

* Wireless Provider (Carrier)
* Address & Location
* In Many Cases, Owner Name & Household Members

This data is obtained & compiled from geographical databases, public records & data made available by each corresponding communications company.

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