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 Frequent Questions and Answers

Common Questions

How does the service on this website work? How are the phone number records obtained?
ThePhoneDetective.com is affiliate* with an advanced search gateway that allows its members to access millions of government documents and public records. The data is organized and collected from over 100 different sources.

While obtaining information or records, ThePhoneDetective.com and its information providers do not engage in any questionable or illegal activities, such as "pretexting." All of the available data is acquired through completely legal means.

Why would I want to conduct a reverse phone number search?
Here are a few things that can be accomplished by performing a reverse phone number lookup:

• Discover the name and source of a prank caller or someone that is harrassing you
• Investigate a mysterious phone number in your girlfriend's, boyfriend's, or spouse's call history
• Look up a phone number that showed up on your phone bill
• Locate an old friend from college or high school by searching for their phone number
• Look up the exact address of somebody
• Research unrecognizable "missed calls" on your caller ID or call log

• And many more...

Will someonw know if I've run a search for them?
No, they absolutely won't know. Every search you conduct with the database system is strictly confidential, and completely inaccessible to anyone that you are investigating.

Can I have my own information removed from these databases?
If you contact the appropriate government or communications company and request that they remove your private information, they often will do so. It is important to note however that we do not have control of these database records, nor do our partners, so we cannot fulfill these types of requests.

How can I register for full access and membership to the entire phone number records database?
To register, just conduct a free preliminary search from this website, and then follow the registration steps after you receive your results.


Product Related Questions

What kind of information is available in your databases?
The membership database gateway offers you access to millions of public records and related information, including:

• Reverse phone number searches
• Reverse address and email searches
• Background information resources and background checks
• Resources for people searches
• Marriage and divorce records
• Registered sex offender registry
• Court records, inmate records, and legal files
• Birth records, death records, and adoption records
• Social security number verifications
• And much more...

Please be aware that our providers do not distribute or access any actual phone records, like phone bills and so on. For more information, please read the full terms of use during your search process, which are contained on step 2. To begin your reverse phone number search, click here.

How many numbers am I allowed to investigate?
As a member you have unlimited search access, for as long as the service continues to exist.

Can I perform investigations on international phone numbers?
No you can't. The database coverage is available only for U.S. records.

Are cell phone number records included with the membership search database?
Yes. Information regarding a cell phone number's issuing carrier, location, and other pertinent details is available for virtually all numbers in the United States. Owner details will be available if the phone number issuing company has made them available to our service partners.

Billing and Membership Questions

Does membership access include recurring billing charges?
No, absolutely not. Membership access is only a one-time fee.

How can I be sure that making this purchase online is secure?
Your order for membership access to our phone records database will be handled by a company called ClickBank -- a highly trusted online retailer that focuses exclusively on providing digital products online. Your ordering information is protected by a 128-bit SSL connection, which is the same security used by online banks and financial institutions.

(Please note: In order to verify this security, you willl see a safe-lock icon in your internet browser's bottom panel while you are on the ordering page.)

What if there isn't any information about the cell phone number I'm looking up?
The results given by our information provider are guaranteed. For more information about this, read the guarantee policy located on the registration page of "Step 2" during your reverse phone number lookup process.

To start your free preliminary reverse phone number search, click here.

What types of payment are accepted?
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Bravo, Eurocard, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, and JCB. PayPal is also accepted.

How will this transaction show up on my credit card bill or bank statement?
The payment processor is ClickBank.com, so the charge on your statement will appear as "CLKBANK."

There will be no indication on your financial records whatsoever that you conducted a reverse phone search online.

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* ThePhoneDetective.com does not directly provide memberships or take orders for access to the reverse phone search database tools; rather, we act as a virtual referrer to a vendor that provides a quality service. We only refer our visitors to services that we've tested ourselves with satisfactory results.

Please review the terms of use, privacy policy and end user agreement on our provider's website on or after "step 2" of the search process -- to do so, begin your search here, and when the initial search results are displayed, click on their service details, terms and conditions in order to familiarize yourself with the service.

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