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 Reverse Phone Directory

Definition: A listing or database of phone numbers that includes registered owners, addresses and locations.

Just about every landline phone number (business and residential) in the US and Canada can be found in a comprehensive reverse phone directory. However, a comprehensive directory of cell phone numbers, unlisted numbers and toll-free numbers does not exist. The problem is that maintenance of a directory that involves so many constantly changing variables would be next to impossible.

It's simple to find a reverse phone directory for those regular residential phone numbers. For instance, WhitePages.com and SwitchBoard.com offer a current and exhaustive database of regular phone numbers from all over the United States. YellowPages.com likewise offers most business phone number listings also. (WhitePages.ca and 411.ca can be used for Canadian residential phone numbers, and SuperPages.ca and YellowPages.ca for Canadian business phone directories.)

However, unlisted numbers and cell phone numbers can not be found in any of the public directories at all.

To uncover any kind of information about a Canadian phone number's owner or their address, you should start by reading this article in order to find out if the number is connected in any way to some webpages that can be found by using sites like Google, Yahoo, MSN and social websites like MySpace.com.

However, free resources oftentimes don't provide very useful results (or any results at all). When that happens to be the case, you should check to see if the cell phone number is listed and available in our provider's premium database...

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